WPRT update 5/4/2015: did primary II/B bottom?

WPRT is slowly crawling out of the hole it was thrown in over the past 3 years. Looking at the daily chart we see how price is now budding heads right at the upper area of the support/resistance zone. If it can close above, and stay above then R turns S, and the massive gap from October last year, is the next likely target: gap fil ($10.80). By then we’re already talking double bagger (100% gains) from current levels. But before that $6.750 is the next level of resistance.

WPRT update 542015

Looking at the weekly chart, we see that if WPRT manages to overcome all resistance levels over the next few years, then $50s are next (1000% gains from current levels). The left circle shows a similar price and Bollinger band set up as the right circle, hence current price and Bollinger band set ups are similar and we can therefore expect price to continue to move higher. I for one like the price chart. Not shown are the weekly TIs, but all are pointing up: wanting to see higher prices longer term.

WPRT update 542015b



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