TWTR update 6/15/2015: levels to watch are $27, $21, $11

Yes, TWTR may go as low as $11. The recent price action surely had me to seriously re-analyze the charts. Although price action is still a mess, this is IMHO the best I can come up with: major a and major b completed, followed by intermediate a, and intermediate b of major c, which could target as low as $11 (c=a, from b). As you know I always like to find Fib-extension or retrace overlaps of different wave degrees, and in this case we find it at around $27, $21, and $11. Namely, at major c=0.618x a and intermediate c=123.6x a (both from their respective b-wave highs) we get ~$27. Then at major c=0.764x a and intermediate c=1.50xa we get ~$21. And at major c=a, and intermediate c=2.00x we get $11.

Because TWTR has only been around for less than 2 yrs, the weekly regular candle stick chart is simple too new to tell us much new, except for a Support (S1) level at $21! So we’ll keep an eye on that level for sure.

TWTR count 6152015


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