TWTR update 3/29/2015: did intermediate i peak/is about to peak?

So far TWTR has clearly made 5 waves up, and hit the 61.8% extension of major 1 (yellow). This is often the length of the next 1st wave up of one lower degree; in this case intermediate i. Also, (green) minor 3 of intermediate i hit around the 261.8% extension, with (white) minute v of minor 3 being an ending diagonal. In addition, (green) minor 4 retraced almost exactly 38.2% of minor 3. Finally minor 5 entered the ideal wave 5 target zone of 276.4 to 300%. Text continued below chart.


TWTR count 3292015



In addition, the daily chart is showing negative divergence on the MACD and and a sell-signal on the daily A.I. If my count and interpretation of the charts are correct then intermediate ii could retrace to the 50% level (not shown) which is low $40s, to close the earnings gap and then intermediate iii should kick in. This levels is also where the 50w and 20w SMAs currently are: support!?




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