TSO update 3/10/2015: did major 3 peak?

TSO has been doing great over the past month or so with over 30% gains! Not shabby! But, now price has retreated some, baking the question if major 3 peaked or if we’re going to deal with a sub-dividing minor 5 wave. The subdividing wave count has it as minute i, ii, micro 1, now in micro 2; whereas the “major 3 is in” count has it as “or v?” at the recent high. It counts equally well as both. Hence, we need to look at price breakdowns and breakouts to determine which it will be. A break below the “ii or iv” level ($79.90) means the sub-dividing waves are off the table because micro 2 cannot trade below the start of micro 1. A trade above the recent high ($94.83) means the sub-dividing count is alive and well, and Major 3 will then ideally target $130; another 26+% gain! from that break out level šŸ™‚


TSO update 03092015


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