Trading log

Here are my current positions and previous trades; starting from 07/25/2013.

Winning trades where I sold my entire position at once are in green.  Winning trades where I sold my entire position in different batches are in yellow. Loosing trades are in red. Current positions are in white. The accuracy of my trading log is not guaranteed. My trading log should not be construed as trading advice in any way. Trade at your own risk.

trade log


79 thoughts on “Trading log

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  2. Sorry I border you , I always look your trading log , today I see you still hold sso , then I buy upro 89.30, ithis morning I buy upro 86.21 then I sold 86.79 after I sell market go up a lot then I buy back 89.30 , please don,t get mad , I did,nt mean ,

    • tony, i understand and i am flattered you use my blog and trading log. i wish i had more time to provide more updates but i just don’t (family and work you know 😉 ) i do the best i can. please keep on following! sounds like you made some profits on this wild ride!?!? kudos!!!

      and yes, i am still holding my SSOs. reason was my SSTO indicator gave a buy signal on the DOW y’day and SPX today!

    • Tony please give me a break… I am a family guy and have lots of more important stuff to do than update my blog, e.g. My sons birthday, sports practice etc. I update when I can, which is not now.

  3. Hi soul, after primary iv compleate ,
    Star primary v , is that right soul ,
    I still hold upro , I check every hour , I didn’t,t see you sold sso ,
    Can you tell me primary iv , please
    Thank you

    • That is correct. I am on the road and not been able to update my trades yet. Sorry about that. I sold my SSO for a loss… Bought SDS. SSTO indicator turned to sell today on the daily. Weekly timeframe SSTO on sell too…

    • yes I did. I bought SDS. Had a terrible day. taking several losses. SSTO indicator gave a sell on SPX, INDU, NYA, and for SSO of course. Daily SSTO indicator gave a buy for SDS. I think 1813.55 was primary III

  4. Hi soul, if I know spx can hit 1825-50 I will buy more upro
    It not too late buy more pre market soul
    I just think spx retest 1814 , then pull back 1777
    Thank you very much

    • tony, yes I bought SSO today. I will update my trading-log tomorrow and also present a fresh new EW count on the SPX which suggests the 1779 low was intermediate iv, and that the market is now in intermediate v, targeting 1825-1850. GL!!

  5. Hi soul, thank you for rely
    I read tony web , a lot people guess spx will hit 1900 -2100
    Do you think that right ?
    I only trust your web , tony , stand& poor
    I just sold haft upro ,

    • Thanks! If everybody expects the same thing the market will often do the opposite… E.g. If everybody is long the only thing left people can do is sell. We’ll get to 1900-2000 IMHO but not right from where we are now. I expect some decent upside next day or 2 and then another ~30points down. GL!!

    • not sure, smoke needs to clear. traded intra day yesterday on those 10+ point swings. today is a mess. looks like more downside to come. I sold several other long positions today to ensure and book current small profits since a larger sell-off, if it occurs, will likely turn those into losses. for now; I remain at the side lines mostly.

    • 94.41!? Not sure, that’s a very specific level; why 94.41? What SPX level does that correspond too? 1780? I think SPX mid to low 1780s is all we can expect for minor 4 of int. Med. v.

    • Hi Tony. I’ll buy SSO next week. I have been sick the past day and a half and unable to trade so I missed yesterday’s ramp. I don’t recall my last log update but will refresh everything tomorrow, including some Fib. based price targets for the SPX and DOW

    • Hi tony! Thanks, yes the market has been kind to me (as long as you know when to exit! 😉 ) I am passing on buying SDS for now. Just waiting on the sidelines, while still maintaining many long positions on individual tickers. Shorting a bull market is tricky. So be careful and not greedy!

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    • very interesting!!! but that doesn’t mean ALL stocks have peaked. IF this was P-III, which I think it is, then MOST stocks have peaked. My core position was SSO (50% portfolio) so that was sold y’day… heheheh 😉 Now just sit and wait….

    • Interesting fact!

      yes, I am thinking of selling especially GOOG (since it’s in P-V), but EW count on rest suggest more upside -after some downside- still to be had. I often use 5-10% trailing stops.

      Please see my new posts on many tickers I posted today!

    • Hi JK.

      Thanks! Yes, I could have made a lot more. But, I try to avoid holding positions in counter trends. I am not comfortable with that. I prefer to only hit the upswings. FB I’ve been careful with since it hit 40s as it was hitting many important fib extensions. I’ve been trading that one since the 17.55 low… so most of my money on it was made prior; no reason to risk it. Also, I am relatively new to trading (doing it since late-2011) so I am learning, and very careful, mainly growing my portfolio bit by bit. This month was for sure a lot more in and out, mainly since we’re nearing very important tops in the indices and many tickers and the easy money has been made… so I am exiting much earlier to protect profits.


    • more important today (9/11/2013) the low on CMCSA was 42.73 made on the open. Your table says your buy was at a price of 42.45. Also, your table gives the impression you traded SDS on the 10th when SPX was at 1670 but SPX was never that low on the 10th. At what time of day are these trades done?

      • thanks for catching another typo on CMCSA, I am working on reformatting the table’s look today, so the CMCSA entry in the table was done in a hurry. I entered at $43.45 @ 12.40ET

        The SDS trade was on 9/9, my order that I placed the day before got filled @ ~14.05ET. I posted the update on SDS y’day -since I was busy all day on Monday- and entered y’days date instead of Monday’s.

        I hope that clarifies!?

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