GOGO update 6/8/2015: did major b peak, or one more move higher?

GOGO, one of the very few on-board internet providers available for the flying masses is not considered a hot stock for some reason. As such the stock price is currently, IMHO, in a major b wave up of a primary B wave down. Months ago (November last year to be exact) I already projected a $23.75 to $26.50 price target. Last week it got to $23.10. Close enough, or can we expect one more stab higher? Cont’d below 1st chart

GOGO update 682015

Looking at the daily chart we see negative divergence on the RSI5 and MACD, and the formation of either a rising wedge (solid black lines) or an ascending triangle (dotted lines), the TIs suggest the former (the latter should have positive divergence to support the upcoming breakout above) nonetheless the latter can’t be ruled out and will target ~$26 once a breakout does occur; the upper limit of our preferred B-wave target. For now sell-signals are abundant and price is unable to close above $22.50, which is an important level (long term S/R)




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