GOGO update 3/17/2015: major b target in sight

At long last, GOGO is finally going for my long standing major b target. It broke out of the 3 lower S/R levels that it has been fluctuating in between for months. After a succesful backtest of the upper S/R line last week, it has gained 15+% since. My ideal major b target remains unchanged and is set at the 50-62% retrace level: $23.75-$26.50, with the upper S/R line at $25 being truly a picture perfect ideal target. However, b-waves are notorious for falling short or zooming buy the target zone, turning everybody bullish. So if long, IMHO, sell at the target zone, and re-assess then again. By then you’ve made a nice profit, and don’t let it go to waste 🙂


GOGO update 03172015


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