FB update 6/24/2015: count re-assessed. Intermediate iii of major 5 of Primary I underway. Ideal target $102

With the break out to new ATHs I had to re-assess my count on FB, as it’s obviously still in a bullish phase. As such, FB is now in intermediate iii of major 5 of Primary I, with an ideal target of $102. The chart below shows the weekly candles and the count since FB made it’s low fall of 2012.

face book update 6242015

The more detailed count below shows how perfectly FB subdivided in minor, minute, micro and nano 1st and 2nd waves and is now in the heart of it’s 3rd wave. The ideal target for intermediate iii is $97-$95, then iv down to $93-$90 (depending on how high iii goes) and then v (Primary V) to $99-$102. For now these are the ideal targets based on ideal/standard Fib-extensions for 3rd, 4th and 5th waves. We’ll have to monitor and adjust as we go.

face book update 6242015b



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