Protected: GMCR: I.I. already alerted its premium members yesterday of big POP. What’s next? Profit targets inside!

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GMCR: looks like major 4 is in. Target area for Primary V.

This week was very constructive for GMCR. (My $93s bought this week are paying off handsomely 🙂 ). It looks to me that major 5 is under way (now in intermediate i), and given that major 3 was shorter than major 1, and since 3 can never be the shortest wave, I’ve given a general…

GMCR: major 3 and 4 in?!

Possible intermediate iii and iv, but for now, looks like more upside to come. Note that if these are major 3, then I expect major 5 to extend since 3 was rather short.