BBRY update 3/2/2015: Major c still developing

Given the price action over the past weeks (look at that one-day candle made in January; yes when BBRY runs, it runs h a r d  🙂 or in EW-TERMS: WOW look at that c-wave!!!) it appears the count should be moved forward to where major C can be expected to peak in the $15.10 to $16.20 (138.2-161.8%, extensions). Please note how range bound price has been over the past 8 months, and a break out above the January high would certainly add credence to this count.

bbry update 322015


Looking at the technicals, however, shows price has several hurdles to take first: the daily R1 and R2 levels. Not shown here are the weekly R1 and R2 levels, which reside at $13 and $15.65. The latter is right in my preferred target zone.



One thought on “BBRY update 3/2/2015: Major c still developing

  1. Hi Soul,
    Thx for your work. Is there a way you can get good volume, but beaten down stocks , so it’ll benefit all members of the II ? I use screener, but not sure if it has latest up to date tickers like morningstar.

    Also oil,energy & gold stocks are due for big rebound IMO. Please look at tickers like PBR,SN,ABX,CNP to see if there’s better value trading them..


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