Welcome to Intelligent Investing,

I.I. is a place about sharing knowledge. Namely, the key to successful investing in today’s stock market is to be smart, objective and intelligent. By being such, I.I. will help you become more profitable. I.I. will provide updates and insights on the market and many individual tickers. You then take the next step.

  • I.I. follows the DOW, SPX, NAZ, NDX, NYA, WLSH5000, and RUT
  • I.I. follows over 50 individual tickers, from the big names such as AAPL, GOOGL, to lesser know companies such as VTNR and SWKS
  • I.I. follows over 10 ETFs such as SDS, SSO, SPXL, SPXU, GDX, DGAZ, etc
  • I.I. follows over 10 different market breadth indicators such as Zweig Breadth, McClellan Oscillator, Summation Index, A/D line, etc.

Using Elliot Wave Theory (EWT), classic Technical Analyses (TA) and several Technical Indicators (TI) price charts are analyzed to determine price-trend, changes in that trend, and price targets.  Entry and exit levels that are low risk & high reward are what you want. A market timing, buy/sell, indicator has been developed, called the A.I., for which frequently alerts are given. EWT in combination with TA and TIs is the most powerful and successful way to analyze the price charts and become profitable without too much hassle. I.I. lets price, and price only determine the trades. News=Noise. Let’s be smart, let’s be intelligent: let’s invest intelligently!

I.I. provides two levels of services:
1) A free service provided to everybody. This provides market analyses about twice per week.
2) A paid service provided to members. This includes daily market insights, access to the A.I., my trading log, access to premium membership posts, in-depth market and analyses of over 50 stocks, daily trading updates, and market insights by email, and weekend updates, as well as Holiday specials. AND 1-on-1 trading tutoring through reviewing your trading style and providing constructive feedback if needed.

Please feel free to ask market-related questions. They will be answered ASAP. If you have a ticker that I.I. doesn’t track, but you would like advice about it, or you think it’s a great investment opportunity, please share and I.I. will answer your related questions!

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Please email me: intelligent_investing AT yahoo DOT com with any questions.

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23 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Soul,

    I’m interested in renewing membership for 1 year and may be many more years

    Can you think of looking at charts for doing LEAP options so we all can invest for min 12 months and have meaningful Tax savings on trades.

    Frequent trading is ok, but when it comes to Taxation, it’s too much and not seeing the return worth for the time being spent.

    So if you can plan on proposing long term counts bull/bear with probabilities, please let us know.


    • Hi Kiran, I hear ya on the taxation issue… All Hard work for naught. I will look into LEAP options, great suggestion!, and get back to you on this. It be great to have you back!


  2. Hi Soul, am interested in your offering to join as member. Btw, before that, may i ask what was your performance in 2014 and 2013? In terms of % vs invested capital? Is day trading forming a big part in your investment style? As im oversea with different timezone is trading intermediate and major waves ok? Many thanks

    • Hi HKLOON!, Thanks for your message and your interest. My win/loss ratio for 2014 is currently 81%. For 2013 it was 86%. You can see my 2013 trading log here if you click on “Trading Log” and then select “2013”. My 2014 trading log is for premium members only.

      Total capital return in 2013 was almost ~70% and for 2014 it is currently at 60%, with a goal of 100% by EOY.

      Day trading is not my style. I am a swing trader: holding positions days to weeks. However, I can exit the next/same day if a trade goes totally against me and/or the setup I was looking for has no follow through. I use 5% stop losses and adhere to those.

      I prefer to trade intermediate and major waves (long and short) in the indices. I do not short individual stocks.

      I hope this helps you to decide to join my premium services. There’s a $10 special for the first month. Give it a try!?


    • Tony, intermediate iv could actually be over. I am re-analyzing the charts and all requirements have been met. I bought more SSO today (and updated my trading log directly! 🙂 ) either this was only minor a of an abc or all of it… Wave 5 should ideally extend to mid/high 2000s. 2020s at least, IMHO.

  3. Hi soul , if I go long sso , I should wait spx pull back 1920-30
    Can you give me idea , if you have 100000.00
    How much you think buy sso ?
    I only trade sso or upro
    I only buy35% , if drop 3 point I buy 30%
    If drop 5 point another 35%
    Is it good paled to trade ?
    Please give me Idea
    Thank you

    • Hi nasaravi! Welcome! Target for minor 3 of SPX I assume you mean? Mid 1960s ideally (I’d like it to stab through the upper Bollinger band on the daily) but today (high 1950s) would do perfectly fine too.

    • not entirely, but pretty good imho. if new ATHs I expect them in the low 1900s for an ED. the indeed a vicious 4th wave since that’s how EDs end and then indeed 5 to 2100-2200+

      naz/ndx are the ones that are not done in a long shot (still need intermediate v of major 3 and major 5) to finish primary III… the SPX will follow suit in their pursuit to new highs IMHO

    • I hope so too, but I think 1810ish is next (it’s where a=c; down 1897-1837 (a, 60 points), 1873 (b, 36 points: 60% retrace), 1873-60=1813). It’s also where the lower red ascending trendline will be in the next few days, which I showed in a post 2 days ago). If green tomorrow then positive divergence on hourly and daily…

    • Hi Tony! That’s correct. IMHO the market is now in intermediate 3 of major 5 of Primary 3 targeting SPX 2100 +/- 100. Followed by a primary 4 correction and then a primary 5 up. I know the targets sound high, but that’s what current Fib extensions and waves suggest. I will adjust targets if necessary over time. For now targets are set, locked and loaded! 🙂

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