AAPL update 4/27/2015: minor 5 underway

With the positive reaction -though minimal (+1-2%)- reaction on earnings AH that topped the minor 3 low, it appears minor 4 has also completed, albeit at a much higher level than one would normally and typcially anticpate. In this case I expected AAPL to reach $110ish ofr minor 4, but it never even broke below $125. That’s rather bullish. Hence, without much further ado, here’s the updated chart for AAPL. Minute i, ii of minor 5 have completed and so have micro 1 and 2. Note that micro 1 was a leading diagonal, which always appear to be sloppy while developing and can only be recognized after the fact. Such is life of elliot wave. Intermediate iii should target $145-$150. Then intermediate iv should do a bit more damage than minor 4, but we’ll deal with that once intermediate iii has been confirmed.

click chart to enlarge

AAPL update 4272015


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