AAPL update 3/25/2015: TIs suggest minor 4 under way

The daily chart of AAPL looks weak, with all TIs pointing down, wanting to see lower lows. (Text continued below daily plot)



Looking at the wave count and Fib-extensions etc we can see that minor 3 topped exactly at the minute v = minute i relationship,. Picture perfect. We’ve then seen likely minute a down and minute b up. Since minor 4 ideally retraces 32.6-38.2% of the prior entire minor 3 wave, the green box shows the ideal minor 4 targetzone: $114-$104. Using Fib-extensions for minute c of minor 4 (in this case in orange) we can see that at c=1.236x a the 23.6% extension will be hit perfectly. Hence “c?”. However, and also, at the 1.618x a extension price will have retarced back to the 138.2% extension of minute i, from ii, which is also a logical target for a c-wave. Hence the $114-$110 zone seems to be the ideal minor 4 low, with the potential to hit $104. After minor 4 is in, minor 5 should ideally go to $145ish. That’s a $30 upside potential vs a $6 downside risk.

AAPL update 3252015


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