Four New Premium Membership Plans

I.I. is a growing community of dedicated traders and investors that are focused, dedicated, and objective. I.I. recognizes that everybody is unique and has different needs. Hence, to better assist you, and to allow for continued growth, I.I. is pleased to announce 4 new ways to become an I.I. premium member by offering 4 different subscription plans. You may already be familiar with the regular monthly subscription after a reduced-fee trial month, but now I.I. is offering 4 new subscriptions; each offering additional savings. Please see the list below:

  • a monthly subscription for only $24.99/month after a $15 trial month
  • a 3 months subscription for $59.98 ($5 savings)
  • a 6 months subscription for $119.95 ($20 savings)
  • a 9 months subscription for $174.92 ($40 savings)
  • a 12 months subscription for $229.89 ($60 savings)

If you do the math, you will find that each subscription level is less that one dollar per day. In fact the monthly subscription is only $0.83/day, whereas the 12 months subscription is a meager 63 cents/day. Anybody can make that amount in the market. If you can’t… maybe try something else 😉

Please visit the membership page here and choose the subscription plan that fits your wallet. What do you have to loose? Literally nothing.




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