GOGO: found support at ~$18 and took off.

GOGO had a great day, while the rest of the market was being whacked (except also for GPRO and AAPL). It found support at $17.75 (horizontal green lines) and simple took off. The 20d SMA was also right there today and provided additional support. Note that the MACD, not shown here, did not give a sell signal despite the past 2 days, and also note that the past 2 days were a clear abc down: corrective. I have placed a tentative minor 2 label. Close above $19.16 will confirm this. Last but not least, albeit slightly, the bollinger bands started to expand with today’s price action!

GOGO update 09222014



9 thoughts on “GOGO: found support at ~$18 and took off.

  1. Hey soulsurfer. Would you mind re-posting your brilliant roadmap entitle “W numberss may be all you need” either here or on Tony’s blog? Or better yet, can you post an update of that post as well? Thanks so mmuch.

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