ANR: $$$s in the bank baby!!

First, thanks to he who pointed out ANR to me a while back. I am sorry I forgot who, but I am sure you know. This puppy is a runner by now. Since it’s new to me, I tread careful and lightly. Hence, why I took half of my position off the table today. Money in the bank baby. But look at how it’s pumping! Bollinger bands are exploding, price cranking upwards. Making money doesn’t get easier than this folks! Can we say 3rd/c-wave!? Yes, I am keeping my targets, and trade off those, because regardless of the current party, there’s heavy resistance dead-ahead, and I stick to my guns and my proven and profitable methods. The $4.16-$4.70 area (price hovered there much of April through May). This also coincides well with the 123.6-176.4% extension, with the 138.2-161.8% extension nicely in the middle. Wouldn’t be a bad idea, at least for my taste, to take the chips off the table and see if we only get 3 waves up (which means new lows soon) or if we get 5 waves up (which mean a wave 2 down to be followed by big wave 3,4 and 5! 🙂 ). But until then, patience while we anticipate and monitor. Regardless, for now I am looking at $4.20: given that ANR traded through $3.80, $4.20 is next based on the 80/20 rule.

ANR update 08112014


3 thoughts on “ANR: $$$s in the bank baby!!

  1. Solid retrace, hadn’t banked on it being this deep, but price somehow has to come back to the Bollinger bands. My 5% trailing stop got hit at 3.86 this morning. All out.

  2. Soul, great analysis on ANR! Glad to hear you’re making mulah off of it. Do I get a 0.01% cut since I brought it up to you months ago? Or how about some free access to your posts? Just kidding (half). Really enjoy reading your posts. Take care.

    • student, many thanks! I hope you are making $$$s too!? You should by now if you’d followed my updates and acted upon those!? However, I can’t do profit sharing due to none-contractual obligations 😉 lol. But please contact me directly by email to get 1 month free access to my premium posts!

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