Changes coming tomorrow

As I’ve mentioned a while back, changes are coming to Intelligent Investing. Starting tomorrow I will offer 2 levels of services:

1) A free service provided to everybody. This covers less popular tickers/companies, and provides a simple market analyses about once per week.
2) A paid service provided to members. This includes almost daily market insights, access to the A.I., my trading log, in-depth market and ticker analyses, real-time updates, weekend updates, and it covers the more popular tickers/companies. In addition, trades will be emailed in real time. A twitter account may be a possibility later.

I.I. membership is $19.99 per month, and will be renewed automatically each month. Please click on the “Subscribe” button below now to become an I.I. premium member. It will redirect you to Paypal which is safe and secure. Once payment is received a personal password will be sent to the email address you used to pay with. You need the password to receive and read premium updates. Please allow 24hrs for processing.

Subscribe Button with Credit Cards

Not sure, try the 1 month trial period for $10 only.

Please see the membership page for more information.

I look forward to providing you with valuable information! I am sure that for a $1 per trading day, you can make more!


ps: Note that all my previous posts will remain visible to every body.


4 thoughts on “Changes coming tomorrow

  1. Hi Soul,
    I consider subscribing to your site but think $19.99/month is a bit too much for beginners like me.
    I try following your chart, bought SBUX before earning release, earning beats but dunno why the stock itself is falling and I am losing money in that sense. Also losing money is KR, in your description, you mentioned “price should now be in the heart of a 3rd of a 3rd wave for Major 5. Ideal target is ~$58…relax and enjoy the ride.” I follow you because I have confidence in you, now I am indecisive and feeling disappointed, can you bring back my confidence?
    BTW, don’t get me wrong here, I do appreciate all your hard work and charting.
    Am just expressing my opinion.

    • hi amy, thanks for your feedback. I understand what you say. SBUX, as I mentioned in my update likely peaked AH… there’s really nothing I can do about that. I was hoping it would go there and some more in the cash market. The market had other ideas… So sorry about that.

      KR is indeed disappointing and I need to re-assess my count.

      I try my hardest to provide the best I can, not always does the market do as I think it should… That’s the inherent nature of trading.

      Also, I never tell people when to buy or sell. That each of us has to do for them self. Hence, if you are not comfortable holding a position, cut it, sell it. Jump on the next train. Don’t sit and wait and bite your nails hoping it will go back up. Also, use stops and trailing stops.

      What monthly fee would you be comfortable with? Also, there’s a $10 one month trial. Give it a try!?


      • Hi Soul, you are absolutely correct, I made my own decision on what to buy/sell/hold. I guess I read too much into your description expecting the stock will eventually reach the target you mentioned, like KR to reach $58. At the time, I thought I’ll be happy with $53 since my hope is not very high. If I know better, I would have taken the profit as it reached $51ish, same thing with SBUX, I’d be happy with $80 at that time…oh well…
        Yes I do consider joining but before I try to invest into something new, I would like to pull my money out of those two first. It will be nice if you can provide me with what wave SBUX and KR is currently in and will there be a bounce coming soon?
        Thank you for all that you have done for us on this site.

        • thanks amy, yes buying and selling are always our own decisions. I will never say: but now or sell now.

          As for bounces: I have buy signals on both KR and SBUX today.

          If SBUX has peaked, then I expect a bounce to $79ish.

          if KR has peaked, which I don’t think it has, I still think it will go to $58, then $50 (upper bollinger band on the daily) should be it.

          ps: did you get my email!?

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