SPX: make or break for alt. count

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Due to the lack of progress on the downside, the alternate count is gaining traction. Always remember that if one skips counting one degree of 1,2s at the beginning, these will add up as 3,4s at the end… I think I’ve done that… So for now, I think minor 4 is in. Target for minor 5? Anywhere between 1995 and 2025 (123.6-138.2% extensions of intermediate i). This will then be intermediate iii, followed by intermediate iv, then v to new ATHs before Primary III is finished.

SPX update 07212014


2 thoughts on “SPX: make or break for alt. count

    • I saw that too. I will post an update on this 2nite, for now follow the daily IMHO, the weekly signal is only really valid at the end of the week, just like the daily is actually only valid after the close. For example, price can spike high intra-day giving a buy-signal intra-day, but than it may collapse intra-day and erase the buy-signal at the close…

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