IWM: looks like 5 down for intermediate a

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IWM update 07112014


12 thoughts on “IWM: looks like 5 down for intermediate a

    • KK, probably retesting 118 +/- 1 or 2. I think it peaked Longer Term recently. We have had now an nice abc down, where a was 5-waves, b was 3 waves, and c 3-waves. This could have been intermediate a, now in b.

  1. Here’s a situation. SPX look like forming a triangle from 1945,1985,1952,1982 and final E is on the way now.

    When it breaks out, it’d reach either 1985 or more. If that’s the case,would RUT follow up and test gap @ 1180 level?


    • IWM making new highs!? I don’t see that. It’s trending down, and yesterday may have been all for b-wave up… technicals looking weak and bleak and want to see lower lows!

  2. Hi soul, I have idea , some one like trade stock & Etf , when ever you buy stock or Etf you email
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  3. Thx. That was pretty quick response. Are you keeping OPEX in mind and hence 118 target?

    My guess is “a” Wave is not done yet and 118 bounce after 112 level


    • no I don’t think about OPEX, earnings, or whatever, I only look at price. Price says it all, news=noise 9 out of 10 times and if you read the chart correctly news is thus already baked into it.This is because price is driven by sentiment, if you’ve discovered a bullish price pattern (up), news will be interpreted bullish. and if price is in a bearish price pattern (down) then vice versa. so why then listen to news!? only confusing imho.

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