GTAT… what was ThAT!?!?

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WOW, down 15+%. Micro count blown out of the water, back to the macro and it’s a clear 5 waves up from the $12.74 low on May 12… Either Primary V is in, or it was only intermediate i… Time will tell, but this also shows that micro counting can be dangerous and we EWRs can often get lost in all the small scribbles… Sorry about that, however even my count had not much upside room left… Anyway, wave 3 equaled wave 1 and wave 5 was 0.618x wave 1. No EWT violations there. Break below primary IV low all but confirms top is in. That’s some ways to go…

GTAT update 07072014


2 thoughts on “GTAT… what was ThAT!?!?

  1. ThAT GtAT, funny Soul. Multiple downgrades foreshadowed an unpleasant day. My only comment would be that the stock price would only have to breach15.50 (June low) to confirm a DT.

    • Hi Michael, I hope you weren’t long and banking on a 5th of a 5th of a 5th wave… that be not wise since 5th waves can end abruptly as we witnessed today… Anyway, I agree with your $15.50 cut off. Just look at all that – div on the weekly… ouch

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