I am traveling, but here’s a quick update: I am still (very) bullish

I have been and will be a lot on the road the past and next 2 weeks, but I’d wanted to let y’all know, while on the road, what I am seeing:

Overall Market, focus on SPX, most likely in minute iv, maybe finished. That leaves minute v, minor 4,5 and intermediates iv, v still to come before major 5 of primary III is done! My target range of 2045-2200, with an ideal if 2070-2170 remains!

TSLA: may have just put in a intermediate ii low. Counts very well from May low may high as 5 waves up (intermediate i) and then 3 waves down to today’s low. Using a 1.764-2.000x extension of i, measured of today’s low projects $270-280s!

SBUX: still uptrending. Nice intra-day reversal (may have been intermediate iv). I had it ideally go to $73, but today’s low could be close enough!

TWTR: looking good, Bollinger bands are expanding (as I suggested a few days earlier) and price is moving along the upper band in what appears best as in an impulse (5 waves).

FB: still uptrending. Seeing a (conservative!?) $70-75 target.

SCTY: trend reversal!?

DAL: primary III!? Price hit the 1.764 extension and reversed hard

AMZN: micro 4 in, looking good.

ANR: long term bottom in!? Looking better for each day.

GSS: Major 2 low in? Now in starting gates of major 3?

JCP: confusing…

I hope this helps and GL!!

Ps: I will post charts this weekend!


4 thoughts on “I am traveling, but here’s a quick update: I am still (very) bullish

  1. Thanks for the great, quick hitting run down. This format would be great as a regular end of the week recap of the stocks you’re watching, if you had the inclination. Kudos!

    • hi amy – sorry about that. GOGO did IMHO 5 waves up from the may low to the recent june high. Could be i or a, now thus in ii or b. This implies that I do expect prices above the june high to come.

      I hope this helps!?

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