SPX: another beautiful count

As I suggested Monday last week (here and here), there was a very bullish setup in the indices and they followed through. Look how the NDX broke out of that triangle and hasn’t looked back. It was there all along, the Bollinger Bands, ascending triangle, AI, MACD, and OEW count strongly suggested this would happen. It’s not often that so many TIs, TA and count line up and point in the same direction: UP. If they do, odds are in your favor to take that trade, and those of you who went long are sitting now already on 40 SPX points gains 🙂 Now look at the SPX, it counts beautifully. Look how the bollinger bands are expanding, even on the weekly chart (not shown). All TIs show strength, not a sell signal anywhere. Tech is booming again, etc. Welcome to the heart of a third wave! First target: 1920s (remember the 80/20 rule I mentioned!? Trade through 1880 suggested 1920s. It took its sweat time, but kapuyah and we’re here!). Then 1942-1952 followed by 1970 and even 2040s. Will it get there? Maybe, let’s not get greedy and take 1 target at the time!


LT trendlines 05292014




2 thoughts on “SPX: another beautiful count

  1. Soulsurfer, is jcp in wave c down to end major 2 or to end int. ii? If 8.16 is breached convincing, then the former would target $7 again. What are your thoughts?

    • Steve, likely minor 2, IF the $9.86 high on 5/16 was minor 1, but break below $8.16 will require adjusting this count. since I have intermediate ii down to $8.16. The lack of follow through after earnings (AH up 17+%) surely surprised me. break below $7.04 will be very bearish.

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