ANR: at All Time Low (ATL); thus a buy!?

At long last and as promised, here’s my view on ANR.

First the big picture (monthly) chart: Clear 5-waves up to All Time High (ATH) in 2008, then a clear 3 waves down to where we are now, in a most likely 5-3-5 type correction. The B-wave is a beautiful abc. Now price is in C down and may be finished soon. The 0.618x extension of wave A, measured from wave B, is @ $3.42, which is between S1 and S2 (see daily chart). It doesn’t mean price will actually get there, but it’s something to be aware off. That be around 80cents downside risk and likely $100+ upside reward in the long term…


ANR monthly


On to the daily and weekly charts. The daily shows clear + div on the technical indicators (lower prices, but the indicators are moving up), this means the downside move is loosing momentum. There is also a falling wedge pattern emerging. Price is bearish inside it, but it will resolve bullishly. See it as energy being more and more focused towards a single point, before it explodes out,Β like the big bang. The weekly however shows less signs of any recovery (+ div), but shows that price is very over sold and at least a bounce is due.

ANR daily and weekly

All in all, I see the risk/reward here as 1:150 ($0.8: $120), assuming a retest of the ATHs. Very good odds IMHO!!





15 thoughts on “ANR: at All Time Low (ATL); thus a buy!?

    • hi student. ANR could be profitable soon! πŸ˜‰ yes I love my new modest house. Unfortunately I’ve been totally out of trading lately and just don’t seem to find the time to get back into… happens… Many of my positions are waaay to red for my own liking, but somehow I can’t be bothered to sell as it appears this market is ready for a next leg hire…. maybe I am simple changing my trading strategy!?!?!

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