Starting with KR: look at how tight those BBs are. If this was all of a sideways 4th wave, then watch out above! 🙂

KR update 03312014

QIHU has likely put in the anticipate intermediate iii top and iv low.

QIHU update 03312014


10 thoughts on “QIHU and KR

  1. April KR $40 calls back to break even today (I jumped in a little early)…be sure to stock the fridge at the new house via your local Kroger!

  2. Another FYI for your back pocket:
    Buy signal on QIHU given yesterday (03/31), had been in sell since 03/11.
    No buy signal yet for KR, waiting patiently, been on sell since 03/12.
    We’ll see if these signals do well in real time (looks good in back testing).
    The signals don’t fire on the exact bottom or top, but rather try to catch the majority of a move without getting whipsawed as much as possible.
    GL Soul!

    • thanks nate! it’s not about nailing the exact bottom or top it’s about being on the right side of the trade! so scaling in during a down trend and selling during an uptrend is a smart thing to do when long, vice versa when short. top and bottom hunting is often after-the-fact work and only left for the big boys with their bots IMHO. If we -the average trader- can nail 70-80% of a move, we are doing very well. If we can do that with objective tools, it’s even better! I can’t wait to see what you have!

      • As you can imagine, KR rang the buy signal today (04/02)! Excellent, Excellent call, Soul. It looks like you called the KR wave 4 bottom perfectly. Tons of positive signs for a big positive move up:
        1) Today, as we discussed previously, KR broke out of the potential bull flag channel it had been in since 03/07.
        2) Your wave 4 bottom call nicely touched the the 23.6 fib retrace of wave 3. Picture perfect for a wave 4 flat.
        Watch out above, indeed!

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