Trade update

I am on travel and can’t update my trading log, but I wanted to inform that I added SSOs at SPX 1777 to my SSOs from SPX 1793 position bought past Friday.

I also bought SDS at SPX 1795. This is a longer term position for my expectation that the market is now in PIV which may target low 1600s. My SSOs are shorter term (bounces) but may become longer term if PIV is not yet occurring. So I am hedging both sides of the play.

I also bought at SCTY at $67.50, (minor 4 of intermediate iii likely in) TSLA at $170 and GOOG at $1100 (intermediate iv of Major 3 likely in; my ideal target for PV: 1200+)

I did sell PGH, NSANY last Friday. I am still long NFLX, SBUX



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