GEOS update; maybe i and ii in?!?!

GEOS update 12162013


3 thoughts on “GEOS update; maybe i and ii in?!?!

  1. One heck of a BTFD bounce today!!

    Options to consider:
    – Was end of November “Wave 4” just “a of 4” and today was “c of 4” with a 61.8% projection of a
    – Was Oct 3rd really top of Wave 3, then Wave 5 extended and we’re in a larger correction (I think MACD & RSI support 11/18 as top of Wave 3

    Interesting FIB levels:
    – $81.59 (11/26 low) is 61.8% retrace of original Wave 1 thru 3 (6/24 to 11/18)
    – $81.14 projection noted above
    – $80.29 Wave 1 high on 7/23…if in a Wave 4 now, should not violate it

    • I call it a POS… Maybe one large ABC since the previous big down!?!? Need to see follow through and a clear 5 waves tip, but not liking it so far. Weekly chart looks bleak so far.

  2. Exited the second half of my GEOS Dec Calls @ – 50%…but still +50% overall due to luck of the 1st position. Counting 5 micro waves up since 12/12 and not enough time to overcome premium decay. On a good pull back may look at Jan or Feb Calls.

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