GEOS still in int. med. iii of Major 3 of Primary V?!

GEOS update 11022013


8 thoughts on “GEOS still in int. med. iii of Major 3 of Primary V?!

    • nice!!!, i am jumping back in! I sold at ~100 since needed some “resources” for a few other tickers ;-).

      btw, LPX looks like int. med. ii is in…

      MWW been good.

      Take a look at MCP… should get a nice pop imho

  1. If you get a chance, can you take the flip side and challenge me on LPX and AVD?
    Need to re-evaluate these:
    – AVD post earnings slight pop and Bullish option says working on Wave i of 5
    – LPX $0.01 earnings miss. Thought it was working on nesting within Wave 5 but now reviewing 2013 high as “3 or C” instead of just “EW 3”.

  2. Arnie,
    Keeping an eye on the $105 to $106 level for resistance and Fib Confluence at even more levels than you are tracking:

    – Minute (green) 1 of Intermediate (red) iii has a 161.8% projection at $106.38
    – Intermediate (red) i has a 127.2% projection at $105.45
    – Major (yellow ) 1 has a 261.8% projection at $106.09
    – Primary (blue) I, April 2012 high, has a 200% projection at $ 106.40
    – Cycle 1 (not tracked – Feb. 2011 high) has a 161.8% projection at $105.50

    I’m seeing the $124 to $130 range for Cycle 3 to complete, just wondering if there will be headwinds to drive a 5th Wave Failure at the Primary Degree, but Major Degree fulfills its targets?

    Probably just over analyzing a profitable trade. 😉

    • hey tom. thanks for the great and very detailed and great analysis! Always anticipate, monitor, and adjust! Daily pivots at 104 and 112. Weekly at 108 and 126. All in line with fib extensions. Never hurts to exit a little early and take profits. Easy money has been made 😉

  3. Posted this “political reminder” for PL today…


    Enjoy! GEOS nice bump today. Also jumped into some SN Calls for ST pop into earnings.
    Oil has been spotty…hoping (all of) mine hit on all cylinders the next week and I’ll be styling!

    • Hi Tom, nice to see you here. GEOS is doing well indeed, but remember the V=I target at $118… ‘-) It’s getting close. I am gonna milk this baby. Not following oil, can’t ever get it right. I hope DWA is still OK?

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