NYSE count suggest Primary III top in



4 thoughts on “NYSE count suggest Primary III top in

  1. thanks for updating your trading log page soul. given how oversold the market is, will you go long if we gap down again to the 1660s around the lower trendline from Nov 2012? Or you’re still not willing to long the bounce? i’ve seen some counts predict 1660s and then a rise to the 1750s. would you be inclined to favor this count? thanks again for sharing your thoughts and analysis soul. could be another volatile day on tap tomorrow. but there is a big pomo pump by the fed tomorrow and wednesday. i took a small short position.

    • If there’s + div yes, but that be a counter trend trade most likely IMHO. I have no favor for a count right now; 1750 i can’t really reconcile for the moment, and I think further downside is most likely first.

      otherwise the market isn’t really OS yet, just barely on the daily RSI5, I’d like to see much lower values, <20 or so before I'd say its OS

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